Company Liquidation

We handle your liquidation formalities

SAFE can execute all the tasks related to the closure of your business and the dissolution of your company in Switzerland. Our specialists are committed to make all the necessary steps vis-à-vis the federal and cantonal authorities.

What are the reasons for closing down your business?

There may be many reasons for closing your business. This choice is not to be taken lightly. The clients we work with have reasons that can be linked to the company’s results or related to personal choices. Here is a non-exhaustive list: 

Sometimes the business does not work as well as expected. In such a situation you may find yourself with a lot of debt. If the burden of debt becomes unbearable, the best option for you may be to close your business.

Once you have liquidated your company, you will no longer feel committed to your suppliers, employees, creditors and customers. Moreover, in legal terms, you will no longer have to be accountable for the consequences of your former activities. To put it simply, closing your business means having more peace of mind.

How to close your business in Switzerland?

There is a procedure to follow between the decision to close your business and the deregistration of the company. In particular, you must designate a liquidator, who may be a certified accountant or an accounting firm such as SAFE. 

Our advisors can guide you through all the stages of the liquidation of the company. They proceed in a different way depending on whether or not debts remain.

  • Liquidation in a non-bankruptcy situation

    We will analyse the financial situation of your company and, together, we will determine the best solution for moving forward. If your business is not bankrupt, i.e. you are not in debt as defined by Swiss standards, SAFE will proceed with an ordinary liquidation, which does not involve the necessity of communicating with creditors.

  • Liquidation in a bankruptcy situation

    In the case of bankruptcy, we will complete the formalities vis-à-vis the Office Cantonal des poursuites et des faillites. If necessary, we can carry out certain delicate tasks such as informing your creditors about the company's situation in the Feuille officielle suisse du commerce (FOSC) so that they can claim their rights.

Our company liquidation package


We make all the necessary to remove your company from the Registre du commerce (RC).
150 CHF Hourly price
  • Establishment of the liquidator's mandate
  • Modification of the company's status change in the RC
  • Completion of the 3 liquidation balance sheets
  • Announcement of the situation via the FOSC

Estimated final price

The final price includes the working hours of the accounting specialists, the VAT and the notary's fees.
  • Dormant company without creditors CHF 2900.-
  • Company with 3 types of debts CHF 4200.-

    Estimated annual turnover: CHF 150'000.-

  • Company with 10 types of debts CHF 6900.-

    Estimated annual turnover: CHF 500'000.-

Opt for a trusted partner

Throughout our collaboration, you will not need to contact any additional intermediaries such as a notary or a certified public accountant. 

All our services are priced right. In this regard, we have the best negotiated rates in the Lake Geneva region. Both the notary fees and the administrative fees of the Registre du commerce are included in our prices.

Online support

Our team wants to make your life easier. This is why we offer you the possibility of carrying out the entire liquidation process remotely. In this way, our team will be able to prepare your documents rapidly and thanks to the Nsign application, you will be able to sign all the documents from your home.

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